BBSHBarbara Brennan School of Healing (physical healing training; est. 1982; Boca Raton, FL)
BBSHBesluit Beheer Sociale Huursector (Dutch)
BBSHBesluit Beheer Sociale Huurwoningen (Dutch: Social Rentals Management Decision; est. 1995; Netherlands)
BBSHBead-Based Sandwich Hybridization (molecular biology)
BBSHBiceps Brachii Short Head
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The BBSH formulates the obligations of housing associations in the form of general 'fields of performance': accommodation of target groups, preservation of the quality of dwellings and their environment, consultation of tenants, providing housing and care arrangements, securing the financial continuity and using financial surpluses in the interest of housing.
The BBSH, introduced in 1993, allows housing associations a lot of administrative freedom.
Muscles include deltoid posterior (DP), middle (DM), and anterial (DA), pectorelis major clavicle portion (PC), biceps brachii (BB) including biceps long (BBlh) and biceps short (BBsh) , triceps brachii (TB) including triceps lateral (TBlt), triceps long (TBlh) and triceps mid (TBmd), brachialis (BS), brachioradialis (BR), pronator teres (PT), supinator (SP) and pronator quadratus (PQ).
(2000) isolated a new species of bacterium of the genus Eubacterium (Eubacterium strain BBSH 797) from bovine rumen fluid which showed the potentiality of biotransforming the epoxide group of trichothecenes into a diene (Schatzmayr et al., 2006).