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"We don't want to cause a clash between the Amwaj Marina Pre-Owned Boat Show and BBSI. They're for different markets," he said, adding that the decision to create the show was made when the marina kept receiving requests for boats.
"While the BBSI was introduced in recognition of the long seafaring tradition and shared values of this great nation, its success has been extraordinary," Wael Juju, the CEO of Knotika Boat Shows, the organising company behind the BBSI, said.
Spanning over 3 days, the organisers expect BBSI 2013 to be the biggest and most impressive show yet and have announced that the largest fleet of mega yachts to have ever entered Bahrain waters is heading to our island for the occasion.
It further states that preliminary checks of its own revealed bank statements that show that, as of November 16, 2009, BBSI paid EUR 3.73 M to their previous subcontractor, Dolomit-M Ltd., who is the leading nonpayment claimant.
All of last year's exhibitors are returning to support BBSI such as Art Marine, Kooheji, Delma Marine Intercol, United Marine, Mastercraft, Princess, Gulf Craft and System & Technology.
The identified SNPs were confirmed by restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) using HinfI (PCR products using primers SNP1F and SNP1R), BstNI (PCR products using primers SNP2F and SNP2R), HpyCH4IV (PCR products using primers SNP2F and SNP3R), HpyCH4V (PCR products using primers SNP2F and SNP3R), BbsI (PCR products using primers SNP4F and SNP4R) and NlaIV (PCR products using primers SNP4F and SNP5R) restriction enzymes (New England Labs, USA) and allele frequencies were calculated in total 248 animals from 7 Bos taurus (Limousin, Simmental, Brown Swiss, Hereford, Angus, Charolais, Hanwoo) and 2 Bos indicus (Brahman, Red chittagong cattle) breeds.
They recognize asyininetric sequences varying from 4 to 7 by (4-bp cutter, Sth132I; 5-bp cutters, Alw26I, BbvI, BsmFI, FokI, SfaNI, and StsI; 6-bp cutters, AceIII, Bbr7I, BbsI, BspMI, BtgZI, Eco31I, and Esp3I; 7-bp cutter, AarI).
In brief, a pair of oligonucleotides for the target sequence (5'-CCTGAAGAAAGAGCGCAATA-3') was annealed and ligated to PX330 digested with BbsI. Then sgRNA was produced by in vitro transcription (T7 as promoter) using the MEGAshortscript kit (Ambion, Am1354, USA).
This year's Bahrain Boat Show International (BBSI), which is organised by Knotika Holdings, was slated to be held over four days from April 23.
This year's edition of the annual Bahrain Boat Show International (BBSI), Bahrain's only boat show, will be host to a greater number of international exhibiting brands and events than the previous shows, organisers said.