BBSRBundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt-Und Raumforschung (German: Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development)
BBSRBhubaneswar (India)
BBSRBermuda Biological Station for Research
BBSRBlue Bear Systems Research (UK)
BBSRBig Bear Sports Ranch (Big Bear City, CA)
BBSRBiostatistics/Bioinformatics Shared Resource (San Diego, CA)
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Tony Michaels of BBSR analyzed the relationship between the ENSO and U.
For example, BBSR scientists are studying how a passing hurricane disturbs sediments on continental shelves.
Much of the success is due to the interaction that Bermuda affords, a strong science base at the BBSR and the need and input of international insurance and reinsurance companies.