BBSTBandar Baru Salak Tinggi (Malay: New City Salak Tinggi; Salak Tinggi, Malaysia)
BBSTBlack Box Software Testing
BBSTBuilding Based Support Team
BBSTBroadband Speed Test
BBSTBalanced Binary Search Tree
BBSTBehavior Based Safety Training
BBSTBroken Bones and Summer Tonez (band)
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These tubes, referred to as billet- or melt-extruded polypropylene (EPP) tubes, were also used in BBST experiments.
The (040)[alpha] pole figure of BBST samples (billet tube, (Fig.
Figure 15 presents X-ray diffraction patterns of billet tubes formed in BBST at 150, 160, and 170[degrees]C corresponding to effective strains of 0.78, 0.78, and 0.8, respectively, for different orientation positions ( [phi] = 0[degrees], 45[degrees], and 90[degrees]).
Figure 16 shows the X-ray diffraction patterns of OPP tube samples after BBST tests at 150, 160, and 170[degrees]C and effective strains of 0.31, 0.52, and 0.48, respectively, for the three [phi] angles.
The BBMT and BBST Cycle 1 populations were planted to 1232 and 1218 cone-tainer cells, respectively.
II, the 1998 seed for BBST Cycle 2 was depleted; therefore, 1999 seed of BBST Cycle 2 was used for this population.
Abbreviations: BBMT, big bluestem high seedling weight, multiple tiller; BBST, big bluestem high seedling weight, single tiller; SWMT, switchgrass high seedling weight, multiple tiller; SWST, switchgrass high seedling weight, single tiller.
(Leiden: Brill, 2000), 364-68; and "The Sun-Disk Tablet of Nebobaladan King of Babylon (BBSt 36)," in Hayim and Miriam Tadmor Volume, ed.
189:3-4, 7-8; BBSt 3 i 46-47; unfortunately the pertinent lines of BE 1 33:11-12, a possible fourth example, are heavily damaged and the in the title would have to be wholly restored.
Possibly also BBSt 3 iv 15, v 9 and passim; but here the middle element is written simply NIG.DU.
The other text of special significance in Jacobsen's discussion of the relationship of the statue to the deity is BBSt 36, the so-called "Sun Disk Tablet" of Nebobaladan, King of Babylon.