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BBTIBauhinia Bauhinioides Trypsin Inhibitor (immunopharmacology)
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BBTI therapy consists of a 45- to 60-minute individual session followed by a 30-minute follow-up session two weeks later and 20-minute phone calls after one and three weeks.
At the end of four weeks, 55 percent of the BBTI group was without insomnia, with significantly better outcomes in self-reported sleep and health than the IC group.
Buysse MD, associate professor of psychiatry and medical director of the Sleep Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and colleagues shows that good results are achievable with BBTI, which can be administered by a nurse clinician over a four-week period in a general medical setting, such as a doctor's office.
"What makes BBTI unusual is its brevity--two visits, two telephone follow-up calls, and the fact that it was done by a nurse practitioner, rather than a certified sleep specialist," says sleep specialist Sarosh Motivala, PhD, with the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA.
Brief Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (BBTI) includes counseling sessions that focus on sleep education, healthy sleep practices, and behavioral interventions that specifically address an individual's likely sources of insomnia.
He went on to note that the principles of the BBTI are grounded within an understanding of the physiological factors that regulate sleep.
The BBTI also educates the patient about practices that can be harmful to sleep, including alcohol, caffeine, worries, a poor sleep environment, or using the bed for things other than sleep or sex.
Part of the Brief Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (BBTI), which was developed by Dr.