BBTSBritish Blood Transfusion Society
BBTSBurnt by the Sun (band)
BBTSBig Bad Toy Store
BBTSBayer Business and Technology Services (est. 2008)
BBTSBrown Bags to Stardom (music talent competition)
BBTSBatch/Block Tracking System
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Basal body temperature (BBT) screening was conducted prior to the experiment.
BBTS bought the location for $220,000 in August 2004 from Steve and Patricia Roberson and Ray and Janice Turnage.
BBTS is a long standing Mitel and Mitel CommSource partner, and has been helping government, hospitality, and small to medium businesses since 1985.
For the rheometer scorch Ts1, T10 and T90 times contour plots, the sulfur level was fixed at 2.00 phr, while the TBBS (BBTS) accelerator levels were plotted against the 177 [micro]m 80 mesh MRP weight percent.
Another variation of the VAV active beam system, shown in Figures 4 and 5, uses beam booster terminals (BBT) to increase the cooling/heating output for a group of beams.
"The national goal of BBTS is to reach 150 outlets by the end of 2011," said BBTS Brazil vice-president Alfonso Zendejas.
The New Development of an Intelligent Simulator for Designing the Filtration and Bright Beer Tank (BBT) Process
It is essential that BBTs have certain qualities that allow them to work in an environment that is different from the diagnostic functions of the laboratory.
MRP content is on the x-axis and BBTS accelerator content on the y-axis.
Waterville is also justly famed for its BBTS (Black and Blue Trail Smashers) Ski Educational Foundation.
In the new alignment, Solomon will serve concurrently as president, BBTS, and his existing BBTS reporting relationships will remain in place.
Del Vecchio, Technical Consulting Services, and Ernest Ferro, Jr., Corry Rubber (email: Table 1--basic formulae and physical properties Dry Wet SMR-CV60 100.00 100.00 Stearic acid 2.00 2.00 Zinc oxide 5.00 5.00 Agerite resin D 1.00 1.00 N-762 black 50.00 N-339 black 50.00 Naphthenic oil 5.00 DOS 22.00 Sulfur 2.12 2.12 BBTS 1.51 1.51 6PPD 3.00 Total 166.63 186.63 Original properties Hardness (durometer A) 54.8 54.2 Tensile strength, MPa 21.7 23.3 Ultimate elongation, % 483 579 Tear strength (Die C), Kg/mm 6.8 10.5 % Compr.