BBTUDBillion British Thermal Unit per Day
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However, the ToP clause only effectively provided that the gas flows from the gas terminal of GF to the gas plant was at least 30 BBTUD, otherwise the buyer, EP, only pays as much as its actual consumption.
Because the area was a developing area, not many industries were relocated to the industrial estate yet, so that the demand for gas was still lower than 20 BBTUD (on average the actual demand was only 5 BBTUD).
The most likely demand is about 6 BBTUD which is based on the initial feasibility study which will yield a positive NPV.
Supply of gas from Jambaran could be as high as 185 BBTUD for 17 years as against 85 BBTUD for 9 years from the MDA field.
The management of PIM has asked the government to seek to meet its gas requirement of 110 BBTUD for its two factories.