BBTUDBillion British Thermal Unit per Day
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The Ruby gas field is to supply 85 BBtud until 2017.
Extension of gas supply of 60 BBTUD for PKG is allocated from the fields of Terang, Sirasun and Batur starting by the end of 2012.
Supply of gas from Jambaran could be as high as 185 BBTUD for 17 years as against 85 BBTUD for 9 years from the MDA field.
Among the power generating projects included in the program are Grati unit which needs gas as much as 50 bbtud, Gresik unit which needs 350 bbtud Tambak Lorok unit 146 bbtud, Muara Tawar unit 330 bbtud, Cilegon unit 110 bbtud and PLTGU Tanjung Priok 160 bbtud.
Under he agreement it supplied 15 Bbtud of gas to the state electricity company.
PIM II needs gas supply of 57 BBTUD (billion British thermal unit per day) to start commercial operation in January, 2005.
The management of PIM has asked the government to seek to meet its gas requirement of 110 BBTUD for its two factories.