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The PCR products were digested using 10 U of MseII, 6U of Bbvl, and 10 U of Ncol enzymes and then electrophoresed on 2.5% agarose gel, stained with ethidium bromide, and evaluated.
The latter were demonstrated by restriction with the enzyme Bbvl. This enzyme did not reveal polymorphisms in CYP21P in the samples examined in this study; however, we demonstrated that there are two polymorphic HaeIII restriction sites in this intron, one located around nt398, and one located around nt509.
Nucleotide Enryme Genotype Frequency 395 Haelll C/C 0.04 C/T 0.25 T/T 0.71 453 Bbvl C/C 0.58 C/T 0.25 T/T 0.17