BBWAABaseball Writers Association of America
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However, it was BBWAA members who voted Hummel into the Hall of Fame recently by a wide margin over the late Washington Star writer and columnist, Morrie Siegel.
The official press releases in the past from BBWAA regarding their MVP selections don't specify how they choose, but they do mention specific accomplishments, and while voting members have been quoted as saying they don't choose an MVP by imagining how crippled a team would be without the MVP, it is clear that the players' importance to a team factors somehow.
The ballot contains the names of new candidates, selected by the BBWAA from a list of those who played at least 10 seasons in the major leagues and been retired since 2000, plus candidates returning from previous years elections, who earned votes on at least 5% of ballots cast in each past year.
With the ballot jammed by big names from the Steroids Era, the BBWAA has recommended to the Hall's board of directors that it increase the number of players each voter can select from 10 to 12.
UPDATE: The BBWAA reports that no players elected in this year's class.
Stern and Reynolds will conclude the exclusive Hall of Fame announcement programming with complete analysis of the BBWAA election results and interviews.
In his last year of eligibility before the BBWAA, the pitcher got 74.
Since the BBWAA began electing Hall of Fame candidates in 1936, only once -- in that inaugural election -- have five candidates earned enough support for election.
When he addressed the BBWAA at the All-Star Game (http://content.
com will compare those results with the BBWAA results that are announced on MLB.
Only seven times ever - and not since 1971 - since the original selection in 1936 has the BBWAA failed to elect anyone.
The annual Awards Dinner for the Boston Chapter of the BBWAA is set for Jan.