BBWEBeringer Blass Wine Estates (Napa, CA)
BBWEBristol Brass and Wind Ensemble (Bristol, CT)
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BBWE plans a groundbreaking marketing campaign to support the launch of White Lie Early Season (TM) Chardonnay.
In addition to innovative packaging and in-store promotional materials, BBWE has hired consumer public relations firm Ruder Finn and is developing a marketing partnership with a well-known female author.
Commenting on Fosters wine sales last year, which topped 700m [pounds sterling] compared to 627m [pounds sterling] for beer, Shortt said: "This is an indication that BBWE is gearing up.
Despite a two-month hiatus from the closure of Seagram to when the new BBWE European office began trading, we achieved a 24% growth in volume year-on-year in the UK.