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While the BBWR was officially a political organization and not a party, this fine distinction often eluded its opponents, who were vilified as valuing special interests over the common good.
Interestingly, almost 70 years later, then Polish President Lech Walesa recreated the BBWR because he thought the lack of executive authority under the 1989 Amendments to Poland's 1952 Constitution hampered effective government.
As we would expect, the more voters blamed the first-wave reformers, the more likely they were to choose SLD over one of the parties associated with implementing or advocating further economic reforms (UD, KKW, and BBWR).
In 1993 President Walesa, having hamstrung the Sejm and the government by refusing to accept UD into the coalition, complained of the ineffectiveness of both the Sejm and the government and created the BBWR (Non-Party Block Supporting Reform).