BC2Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (video game)
BC2Battlespace Command and Control
BC2Battle Force Command and Control
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Meantime, the plan is to expand the NIP Glide family of products and grow the BC2 brand locally.
F2 generation of each cross was produced by selfing each F1, while BC1 and BC2 generations were developed by crossing F1 with their male and female parents, respectively.
Thirty seedlings (replicas) per treatment of each of parents and F1 300 of F2 and 150 of each of BC1 and BC2 were held in foam-plugged holes holding two seedlings per hole in thermopore sheets floating on culture solution.
Boundary conditions and connection details assignments to the cyclic loaded specimens SPECIMENS FR2--bare wooden frame FR4--FR14 glass-infilled wooden frames FR2 FR4 FR6 FR8 Boundary BC1 [check] conditin BC2 [check] [check] BC3 [check] Connection CD1 [check] [check] [check] detail CD2 CD3 [check] FR10 FR12 FR14 Boundary BC1 [check] [check] conditin BC2 [check] BC3 Connection CD1 detail CD2 [check] CD3 [check] Table 2.
BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC4 have been incorporated directly into the hybrid expressions we selected to represent the modal fields within Regions R and C while BC7 in essence specifies the type of azimuthal variation allowed in Region C for any particular eigenmode.
System Farm Barn Sampling individual code code treatment month samples BC1 BH Water Aug 48 BC1 BH BIO Aug 48 BC1 BH SYN Aug 48 BC1 BH VIR Aug 48 BC1 EW Water Jul 42 BC1 EW BIO Jul 39 BC1 EW SYN Jul 47 BC1 EW VIR Jul 48 BC1 WL Water May 47 BC1 WL BIO May 47 BC1 WL SYN May 46 BC1 WL VIR May 48 BC2 DC Water Nov 39 BC2 DC BIO Nov 45 BC2 DC SYN Nov 35 BC2 DC VIR Nov 48 BC2 FF Water Oct 43 BC2 FF BIO Oct 48 BC2 FF SYN Oct 40 BC2 FF VIR Oct 48 BC2 RW BIO May 45 BC2 RW SYN May 48 BC2 RW VIR May 46 BC3 GO Water Nov 46 BC3 GO BIO Aug 45 BC3 GO SYN Nov 46 BC3 GO VIR Aug 46 BC3 TE Water Jul 47 BC3 TE BIO Jul 38 BC3 TE SYN Jul 40 BC3 TE VIR Jul 47 BC3 TT Water Jul 42 BC3 TT BIO May 45 BC3 TT SYN Jul 38 BC3 TT VIR May 46 Total 1567 No.
These three peaks were designated as BC1, BC2 and BC3.
Mule also uses Cecilware BC2 coffee brewers--"a modern version of the original silo brewers that they began constructing decades ago; this unit is about as simple as it gets," says Sherman.
An eRMS ship generates a BC2 document which tells NAVICP the ship correctly identified the NRFI asset and upon correctly posting Proof of Shipment (POS) in eRMS, generates a Transaction Item Report (TIR) that turns off carcass tracking.
Among 3 previously reported biomarkers, BC1, BC2, and BC3, one of these (BC1) was not confirmed, as it was previously shown to be decreased in breast cancer, whereas in the validation study by Li et al.
Four BC1 and three BC2 lines have been used as parents in the Wisconsin Potato Breeding program to generate a large number of new breeding lines.