BC2Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (video game)
BC2Battlespace Command and Control
BC2Battle Force Command and Control
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But, intraperitoneal administration of extract of BC (150 mg/kg body weight once in a week for eight consecutive weeks) in DEN treated mice, resulted in significant decrease in level of AST (DEN: 474.0 [+ or -] 7.6 U/L; DEN + BC2: 439.3 [+ or -] 10.4 U/L) (Figure 1).
A frente apresentada pelo fator 3, sobre o efeito do CEO no desempenho, forma um grande grupo com os fatores: BC1, que considera artigos sobre os efeitos da diversidade do TMT, BC2, com trabalho sobre conflito, e BC5, que inclui trabalhos relacionados aos efeitos comportamentais e aspectos sociais da tomada de decisao.
Thailand has been a dominant force in Boccia with Witsanu Huadpradit ranked No.2 in the world in the BC1 class, while teammate Worawut Saengampa is the world number one in BC2.
The company will continue to trade on the TSX Venture under its existing symbol, 'BANC', and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol, 'BC2'.
The cross section [A.sub.3in] is measured just before the transfer point on BC2, so the data can be considered as the instantaneous volume of incoming material.
Specimen D (mm) t (mm) L (mm) Rock-socketed Steel casing number depth (mm) BC1 100 1 800 300 Y BC2 100 1 800 300 N BC3 100 1 800 400 Y BC4 100 1 800 400 N BC5 100 1 800 500 Y BC6 100 1 800 500 N Specimen [f.sub.cu] (MPa) [f.sub.y] (MPa) number BC1 31.32 235 BC2 31.32 235 BC3 31.32 235 BC4 31.32 235 BC5 31.32 235 BC6 31.32 235 Note.
BC1, BC2, BC3, and BC4 represent BC particles with a radius of 0.075, 0.205, 0.48 and 2.7 [micro]m, respectively.
longiflorum Thunb.: a genome painting study of the F1 hybrid, BC1 and BC2 progenies," Chromosome Research, vol.
We will use the abbreviation BC2 to refer to the multilevel Algorithm 3.
Then the plates were incubated (2 h at RT) with 100 [micro]l of anti-MUC1 (BC2, Thermo Scientific, USA), diluted 1 : 400 in PBS-T-BSA (1%) (Sigma, USA).
Application of BC2 + [CW.sub.1] + [FYM.sub.1] t [ha.sub.-1] + PGPR resulted in significantly higher straw yield by 54.85% then the straw yield obtained from the control treatment (Table 3).
The treatments (Figure 1) were: common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivated on contour, associated with 8-cm-high rock barriers, spaced by 0.5 m, between crop rows (BC1); common bean cultivated on contour, associated with 8-cm-high rock barriers, spaced by 1.0 m, between crop rows (BC2); common bean cultivated downslope (BDS); common bean cultivated on contour with mulch (BCM), which consisted of bean straw uniformly distributed over the plot; bare soil (BS); and soil under natural vegetation cover (NC), which had 100% of vegetal cover.