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For instance, at resonance noise around 550MHz, the noise level of the PCB using BC24 was around -30dB, BC16 was -38dB, BC12 was -42dB and BC8 was-50dB.
015 PROPERTY UNIT FARADFLEX BC8 BC12TM BC16T Dielectric Thickness [micro]m 8 12 16 Cp @ 1 MHz pF/[cm.
Sample Stage (a) Histology BC1 0 Comedo and cribriform DCIS BC2 0 Comedo DCIS BC3 0 High-grade DCIS BC4 0 Comedo and cribriform DCIS BC5 0 Intermediate-grade, clinging DCIS BC6 IV Ductal BC7 IV Lobular BC8 IV Ductal BC9 IV Ductal BC10 IV Ductal Sample Receptors (b) BC1 NA (d) BC2 [ER.