BCACSBeneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators
BCACSBritish Columbia Association for Crane Safety (est. 2005; Canada)
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Alpha chymotrypsin, mucin, S 100 (Figure 3), and p63 (Figure 4) staining led us to make a diagnosis of BCAC (solid type).
Minor salivary glands are less common locations for BCAC, which is most frequently seen in the hard palate and buccal mucosa (4, 5).
Clinically, BCAC is a slowly enlarging, non-tender mass (3).
Histopathologically, BCAC tumors are classified as solid, membranous, tubular, or trabecular.
In 45 cases with BCAC, 8% had cervical lymph node metastases, 4% had distant metastases, and 2% resulted in exitus as reported by Muller et al.
(3) described 48 high-grade (solid type, overexpression of p53 and high Ki-67 index) BCAC cases (9.43%) in a database review of the National Cancer Database.
In the case of BCACS, SkillRecord is also used to help automate the administration of credentials for 10,000-plus crane operators.--SkillRecord Systems Inc., British Columbia, Canada; www.skillrecord.com
Differential diagnosis of BCAC from BCA is also difficult because of the similar cellular composition of these two tumors [7].
Therefore, we suggest use of the Ki-67 labeling index and beta-catenin immunostaining as one approach to distinguish BCA from BCAC.