BCADBreast Cancer Awareness Day
BCADBroward County Aviation Department (airport management; Fort Lauderdale, FL)
BCADBangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (est. 1986)
BCADBexar County Appraisal District (Texas)
BCADBastrop Central Appraisal District (Office of the Attorney General; Bastrop, TX)
BCADBankruptcy Court Administration Division
BCADBerkshire College of Art and Design (Berkshire, England, UK)
BCADBrandywine CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Design, Inc. (est. 1987)
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"At BCAD, first class academic education will be delivered by enthusiastic and supportive staff, who will be specialists at every level.
"We very rapidly found a number of First Amendment violations," said Clark Moeller, a driving force behind the BCAD and a longtime activist in the community.
(38) We can trace this scheme--and indeed the entire passage devoted to the three bkas bcad in the Li shi'i gur khang--to the end of the thirteenth century; writing a generation before Bu ston, Bcom ldan ral gri (1227-1305) (39) describes the three bkas bcad in his Sgra'i bstan bcos smra ba rgyan gyi me tog.
mi rje gung (6) rgyal zhes bya ba des/ gnam la yar gzigs pas gnam gyi 'khor lo rtsibs rgyad du gzigs/ sa la mar gzigs pas sa padma 'dab brgyad du gzigs/ logs la phar gzigs pas logs rin chen zur brgyad du gzigs/ de'i tshe sa gnam gyi bdag po nga yin gsungs (7) nas/ sa la mkhar btab (8) /yul la ming btags/ phyogs dang ris su bcad pas/ yul la snga ba (9) yar klung sa dkar/ mkhar la snga ba 'om bu lha mkhar/ rus la snga ba zhang zhung rus drug/ lha la snga ba yar lha sham po/ dpon la snga ba gnam lha gung rgyal zhes yongs su grags pa'i sa gnam gnyis kyi bdag por gyur te/ sras bzhi 'khrungs te (10) lha chos dang mi chos dar bar mdzad/
We may note here that, in spite of the fact that Pa tshab expressly states that he made use of standardized orthography and nomenclature, as indicated by his use of the expression bkas bcad, the last post-colophonic line by an unknown editor states: "There also appears some dissimilarities with the obsolete terminology of yore" (yi ge'i brda sngon gyi rnying pa dang mi 'dra ba cung zad kyang snang).
Most probably this treatise represents the longer version of the dBu ma bsdus pa che chung mentioned by 'Gos lotsava and A khu Rinpoche; the shorter version, which is not extant, might have been a "summary" (bsdus don / don bsdus pa), consisting in a structural outline (sa bcad) of the same text.
One meaning at least (mnangs su bcad see PT1287 (51) and PT0016 & ITJ0751) (52), roughly seems to relate to the mnangs/bhoga semantic field mentioned in 5 and 6; in this case: appropriating livestock or property, as booty or something like that?
The rje grub chen rin po che retorted: "It is excellent (go bcad) that you are not crazy, so you should prevent them from catching fever along the way".
The Eminence of sTag lung (monastery) said 'Because it is hard to understand all the vast numbers of scriptures for these new doctrines which have arisen in India, you should make a synopsis and an outline (sa bcad) for all of them.' Although I was willing to start work on those manuals immediately, provoked by my own laziness and due to the requirements of my own cycle of daily prayers, I did nothing much about it.
The colophon reads tshigs su bcad pa 'di dag ni kha che grib brtan gyi grong khyer chen po de nyid du rang gi bu'i thu bo pandi ta'i mchog chen po ra hu la shri dang : shan ti ma ti dang : ka ma la di ti dang : su bhu ti can tra bzhis byin gyis rlabs kyi[BRGYA1 kyis] ting nge 'dzin de nyid dang ma bral ba la / mchi ma'i rgyun char ltar[BRGYA1 omits] 'bab bzhin du / rnam pa thams cad dang lhan pa'i 'khor gyi dkyil 'khor chen por : pandi ta brgya phrag gnyis kyis[BRGYA1 kyi] mdun du bstar mngon sum du yi ger bris pa yin no // // kha che'i pandi ta sam ga ma shri bha dra dang : trai lo kya shri dznya na dang : lo tsha ba byams pa'i dpal gyis : sa pho byi ba'i lo la bsgyur ba'o // lho bod bnyis kyi 'tshams mig zlum dgon gsar du kho bos bris pa'o.