BCAGButte County Association of Governments
BCAGBoeing Commercial Airplane Group
BCAGBethel Covenant Assembly of God (San Antonio, TX)
BCAGBreast Cancer Action Group (Australia)
BCAGBrockville Climate Action Group (Canada)
BCAGBrenneisen Capital AG (Germany)
BCAGBrockley Cross Action Group (UK)
BCAGBulk Cargoes Advisory Group (Australia)
BCAGBurial & Cremation Advisory Group (Ministry of Justice; UK)
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Despite its common practice in some countries, some studies found that BCAG practices did not have any positive influence towards students' academic achievement (Goodland, 1983; Oakes 1985; Slavin 2006).
For example, the Webb, McKeown and Associates Flooding & Surface Water Assessment (2002) was submitted by the BCAG as an alternative to the environmental assessments being provided by the consultants hired by the mining company.
Scoville's responsibility within BCAG is to develop casting conversion business cases for airplanes in production and under development.
David Briggs, Associate Technical Fellow, Information Services Division, BCAG, discussed the use of XML in conjunction with STEP-exchanged product data to address design collaboration and supply chain integration issues.
Bcags Nccp Lag Grant Award Was $75,000 In Total Funds (Including Matching
BCAG, the world's largest producer of commercial jetliners, is using Metaphase Enterprise to streamline and simplify the way BCAG employees configure and build commercial airplanes.
Baan's software supports our business goals: process redesign efforts, reducing variability in our processes, and our continued transition toward centralized process management across multiple business units," explained Boeing's Scott Griffen, director of the Baan Competence Center at BCAG.
With headquarters in Renton, Washington, BCAG employs close to 70,000 employees and provides aircraft to commercial airlines around the world.
Tom Schick, senior vice-president of BCAG, said, "With its enterprise-wide methodology and Metaphase Series 2 software, SDRC is providing BCAG with the functionality, expertise, and flexibility we need to support our evolving business and manufacturing processes.
Each new 777 will contain over two million lines of new source code, a fourfold increase over the amount for the last significant BCAG development effort, the 747-400.