BCAR3Breast Cancer Antiestrogen Resistance 3
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Seven genes were identified: BCAR3, LZTS, SLC5A1, TCF20, WT1, ZNF621, and THRB (transcript TR[beta]2), potentially regulated by PPARs (Table 1).
To our knowledge, we proposed several new genes that could be potentially PPAR-regulated: BCAR3, LZTS, SLC5A, TCF20, WT1, ZNF621, and THRB (transcript TR[beta]2) (Table 2).
Gene symbol Transcript Position BCAR3 AGGTCAGAGGTCA 93663502-93663514 LZTS1 AGGTCAAAGGTCA 20248971-20248983 SLC5A1 AGGTCACAGGTCA 32033858-32033870 TCF20 AGGTCATAGGTCA 42271609-42271621 WT1 AGGTCAGAGGTCA 32470961-32470973 32470822-32470834 ZNF621 AGGTCAGAGGTCA 41052623-41052635 THRB (TR[beta]2) AGGTCACAGGTCA 24169753-24169765 Gene symbol NCBI reference sequence BCAR3 NC_000001.11 LZTS1 NC_000008.11 SLC5A1 NC_000022.11 TCF20 NC_000022.11 WT1 NC_000011.10 ZNF621 NC_000003.12 THRB (TR[beta]2) NC_000003.12 BCAR3: breast cancer antiestrogen resistance 3; LZTS1: leucine zipper putative tumor suppressor 1; SLC5A: solute carrier family 5 member 1; TCF20: transcription factor 20; WT1: Wilms tumor 1; ZNF621: zinc finger protein 621; THRB: thyroid hormone receptor beta.