BCASPBritish Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion (UK)
BCASPBritish Columbia Association of School Psychologists (Canada)
BCASPBC (British Columbia) Association of Security Professionals (Canada)
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150) In 1999, the United Kingdom adopted a tripartite system of self-regulation: The independent ASA supervises the system and applies the BCASP; the advertising industry establishes the standards in light of all pertinent laws and regulations and writes the BCASP through the CAP; and the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBF) provides the framework and funding for the self-regulatory program.
Although the BCASP are quite extensive and deal with standards for many industries, they also include general principles governing a broad array of issues such as Honesty, Decency, Truthfulness, Substantiation, Legality, Fear and Distress, Safety, Violence and anti-social behavior.