BCATBinary Catalog
BCATBrooklyn Community Access Television (Brooklyn, New York)
BCATBlasingame Clinical Assessment Tools
BCATBinary Colloidal Alloy Test
BCATbranched-chain aminotransferase
BCATBritish Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (British Columbia, Canada)
BCATBloomington Community Access Television (Minnesota)
BCATBirmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (UK)
BCATBurngreave Community Action Trust
BCATBattle Command Assistance Team (US Army)
BCATBurlington Cable Access Television (Massachusetts)
BCATBeddown Capability Assessment Tool
BCATBedford Community Access Television
BCATBase Camp Assessment Team
BCATBasketball Coaches Association of Tennessee
BCATBasic Cost Analysis Techniques (financial management)
BCATBuilding Condition Assessment Tool (Farber Consulting Group)
BCATBusiness Case Analysis Tool (IBM)
BCATBest Cheap Air Travel (travel accommodations)
BCATBrown Cloud Assessment Tool
BCATBethesda Community Action Team (Bethesda, MD)
BCATBasic Canopy Access Training (course)
BCATBody Cream Applicator Massage
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By day 60, mean total BCAT scores were up compared with baseline, indicating an increase in cognitive functioning in association with the new coffee regimen.
Travellers are advised to check-in at BCAT, Makkasan, at least three hours prior to the departure of their flight.
All of the BCAT transactions issued prior to 2008 and the Lehman Brothers small-balance transactions issued in 2005 are currently distributing principal on a pro-rata basis to all classes.
Director Angela Fenwick said: 'The crisis at BCAT is in stark contrast to the very positive year that it has had.
To expedite the assessment process where buildings have very similar or identical floor plans on multiple levels, or similar locations that replicate throughout the building, BCAT includes extrapolation calculations.
In addition to the BCAT software, the RFS booth showcased RFS PeakPower+ filters, which are engineered to support power ratings from 50 Watts to 10kW and are tunable across the UHF band and for 6, 7 or 8 MHz channels.
Although the original mission of the SST is almost identical to the mission of the BCAT, the BCATs institutionalize the civilian members of the teams by adding Table of Distribution and Allowances positions to replace the contracted SST personnel.
There, in the window, is all this information on BCAT [Birmingham Centre For Arts Therapies], and it was a feeling of the universe dragging me there by my gut, putting my nose in front of it.
In Brooklyn, the series is cablecast weekly on the BCAT public access system every Saturday at 3:30 p.
For this analysis the projected expected loss as a percentage of current balance is 22% for BCAT 2008-2, 27% for BCAT 2008-3, and 33% for BVAB 2008-C1.