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BCATBinary Catalog
BCATBrooklyn Community Access Television (Brooklyn, New York)
BCATBlasingame Clinical Assessment Tools
BCATBinary Colloidal Alloy Test
BCATbranched-chain aminotransferase
BCATBritish Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (British Columbia, Canada)
BCATBloomington Community Access Television (Minnesota)
BCATBirmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (UK)
BCATBurngreave Community Action Trust
BCATBattle Command Assistance Team (US Army)
BCATBurlington Cable Access Television (Massachusetts)
BCATBeddown Capability Assessment Tool
BCATBedford Community Access Television
BCATBase Camp Assessment Team
BCATBasketball Coaches Association of Tennessee
BCATBasic Cost Analysis Techniques (financial management)
BCATBuilding Condition Assessment Tool (Farber Consulting Group)
BCATBusiness Case Analysis Tool (IBM)
BCATBest Cheap Air Travel (travel accommodations)
BCATBrown Cloud Assessment Tool
BCATBethesda Community Action Team (Bethesda, MD)
BCATBasic Canopy Access Training (course)
BCATBody Cream Applicator Massage
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Subjects were evaluated at intervals during the 60-day study, with repeat BCAT scores determined on days 30 and 60.
Synthetic antigen epitopes ([H.sub.2]N-VEIPEIPDPLLKPWQIPHP-COOH and [H.sub.2]N-LANKRWVPPPGKGSLYLRP-COOH) were designed for soybean bZIP53 and plant BCAT shown in Figures 1(c) and 2(b), respectively.
The THAI BCAT check-in service at Makkasan Station will be offered to passengers travelling with an Express Line ticket on the airport rail link with confirmed tickets on an airline domestic or international flight.
THAI passengers using the new BCAT check-in service at Makkasan Station can receive their boarding passes and check their baggage through to their final destination, allowing them to be free of baggage and spend extra time exploring Bangkok.
King is sharing his knowledge of the Brooklyn real estate market this February on BCAT's Sector B, a monthly cable talk show that focuses on issues relevant to Brooklyn's business community.
The Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (BCAT) can now offer additional places at its invaluable charity base, boosting the quality of life for more disadvantaged children thanks to a grant awarded by The Birmingham Foundation.
One automated system, the Base Capability Assessment Tool (BCAT) compares planned sortie-generation requirements (from the ATO) to a base's capability to generate sorties.
It can interface with existing mission planning software, such as Falcon View, and environmental or civil engineering systems such as Environmental Management Information System Hazardous Material (EMIS HAZMAT) Tracker, Geo-Reach and BCAT. GOER can be adapted for other U.S.
The Quest system includes the Boston College Libraries' Online Catglog (BCAT) and QWIL, H.W.
Bcat 2014-4Tt, to Dent Guy; 3449 Mahlon Ave, Eugene; $200,000.
Studies have been focused on their metabolism which shows that BCAA are firstly reversibly catabolized to their respective [alpha]-keto acids by branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase (BCAT) and then irreversibly oxidatively decarboxylated into acyl-COA derivatives by a mitochondrial branched-chain [alpha]-keto acid dehydrogenase (BCKD) complex (Harper et al., 1984).