BCBSILBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
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Karen Atwood, President of BCBSIL said, Rarely do you have an opportunity to improve public health, protect our environment and boost productivity for individuals and businesses in a single, effective way.
Besides adding Plans G and N, BCBSIL will no longer sell Plan D and E (the current "Standard" and "Select" options).
Those who want to buy a BCBSIL Medicare Supplement insurance plan can call 1-800-646-3000, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM - 6 PM CT or visit www.
BCBSIL, Pronger Smith and Elmhurst Clinic will continuously monitor the results of the pilot programs and after 12 months review the data to determine their impact on quality, costs and patient satisfaction.
Pronger Smith and Elmhurst Clinic are independently contracted medical groups that have contracted with BCBSIL to provide health care services to members enrolled in the health care benefit plans offered or administered by BCBSIL.
In addition to access to BCBSIL's broad PPO network of contracting providers, the newly revamped BlueEdge HSA plans provide the same range of benefits as other BCBSIL plans, including coverage for hospitalization, surgery, doctors' office visits, and emergency care.
HSA-compatible plans are a cost-effective way for many people to manage their health costs and, at the same time, create savings that can apply to qualified medical expenses down the line when it's really needed," said Fred Karutz, corporate vice president, Consumer Markets, BCBSIL.
We have a long-standing commitment to the seniors in Illinois," said Fred Karutz, vice president of Consumer Markets for Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), which operates as BCBSIL, BCBSTX, BCBSNM and BCBSOK.
Customer service, price and added features all play an important role in differentiating the Medicare Supplement plans offered by health insurers," said Peter Rodes, vice president, Consumer Markets, BCBSIL.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield is excited to offer our members the opportunity to save on their prescription drug expenses by working with our pharmacy partners," said Peter Rodes, Vice President, Consumer Markets, BCBSIL.
Last month, BCBSIL announced three innovative Blue MedicareRx(SM) prescription drug plans designed to provide a range of options to Medicare beneficiaries.
Peter Rodes, Vice President, Consumer Markets, BCBSIL, said the success of Medicare's prescription drug program lies in the ability of Medicare and plan providers to educate Medicare eligibles about the details of this new program.