BCBSMBlue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan
BCBSMBlue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (insurance)
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An administrative claims-based retrospective primary care member attribution algorithm was applied to determine the BCBSM commercial member cohort, denominator population, for each practice.
Share says they were able to quell fears from surgeons, and all of the 70 institutions taking part in the 12 initiatives, by making it clear that the data is owned by the consortium, and that neither BCBSM nor any hospital can see numbers from each individual hospital.
BCBSM and other customers that participate will get an annual credit on their energy bill, as well as a one-time, upfront construction payment to cover any inconvenience during installation.
The BCBSM exhibition was only short-term, lasting four days and with limited access to the public, but with daily viewing by up to 4,000 BCBSM employees.
The coverage decision builds on previous strategies employed by BCBSM and other insurers to drive patients toward lower-cost drug options such as generics and OTCs.
They assert that the conduct of BCBSM is having an adverse impact on over 10,000 physicians in the state.
NOTE: BCBSM is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.
The BCBSM plan was implemented in three phases over a 12-month period.
Then, BCBSM uses the data to create risk adjustment models, said Share, clinical director for the Center for Health Care Quality and Evaluative Studies at the health plan.
This 24-page report documents the process BCBSM has established to resolve discrepancies between ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, a milestone that has allowed the payor to complete its version of the General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs) referred to as the Blue GEM Encyclopedia.
Since he already had the scholarships he needed for college, he chose to earn extra money by taking a summer employment program at BCBSM.
BCBSM adopted an array of policies that were intended to increase the dispensing of generic drugs.