BCBSNJBlue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
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The first option for Horizon BCBSNJ network hospitals is based on the Leapfrog Hospital Rewards Program(TM), which provides a nationally standardized methodology to assess the value of patient care by measuring performance along two dimensions -- the quality of the care hospitals provide and how effectively they deliver it.
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) announced today they reached an agreement that will keep the facility in-network for Horizon BCBSNJ members.
Marino is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Horizon BCBSNJ.
2 million members," said Jack Campbell, senior vice president and general counsel for Horizon BCBSNJ.
The new company is expected to be operational in September, but Horizon Healthcare Innovations (HHI) has already begun work as a division of Horizon BCBSNJ.
Our executives see this consolidated and easy-to-understand data as a huge benefit," said Mike Occhipinti, Manager of Informatics at Horizon BCBSNJ.
The content of the electronic medical records will be approved by each member and include information about their condition, family contact information as well as lab test data and pharmacy information maintained by Horizon BCBSNJ.
The ability for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to exchange information more effectively with our network providers will improve the overall efficiency of the health care system and reduce costs for everyone," said Christy Bell, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Management, Horizon BCBSNJ.
Horizon BCBSNJ provides a wide variety of medical, health and wellness, life insurance, worker compensation and dental insurance products and services, including Medicare and Medicaid products, for local and national businesses and individuals.
When Eliza reaches out to Horizon BCBSNJ members, it leverages all the available information to create interactions that feel supportive and personally relevant," says Alexandra Drane, co-founder and Senior Vice President at Eliza Corporation.
Horizon BCBSNJ has, for the second consecutive year, teamed up with the Susan G.
This pilot program between Horizon BCBSNJ and PIC physicians demonstrates that innovative collaboration between insurers and physicians on funding and information sharing can improve compliance and clinical outcomes for patients.