BCCGBritish Chamber of Commerce in Germany (est. 1960; UK and Germany)
BCCGBeaver Creek Conservation Group (Washington)
BCCGBuckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (UK)
BCCGBlackwood Catchment Coordinating Group
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The BCCG has also expanded its capabilities in medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, and has the ability to rapidly synthesize chemical compounds, using microfluidics technology, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods.
NHSE are accountable for the provision of Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) in the Greater Manchester area however under co-commissioning arrangements and Level 3 delegated arrangements for commissioning Primary Care services BCCG together with NHSE are proposing to commission 2 APMS contracts under individual Lots.
The BCCG initiative is part of the A Fair Tax on Flying campaign and has encouraged business people and others outraged by the high levels of aviation taxation to protest in a letter to their local MP by going to http:// www.
This is a part b service and this notice is issued voluntarily by BCCG.
To invigorate change towards better value in healthcare locally, BCCG is adopting a fresh approach to commissioning which focuses on outcomes from both the patient and clinical perspective.
Ross Gurdin, a policy adviser at the BCCG, said: "The results of this survey highlight the wider impacts of banking reform and it is critical the proposed reforms do not harm the recovery by further undermining business confidence.