BCCHBanco Central de Chile (Santiago, Chile)
BCCHBroadcast Control Channel
BCCHBlack-Capped Chickadee
BCCHBritish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (est. 1991)
BCCHBritish Columbia Children's Hospital (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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My colleagues at BCCH have been wonderful at accommodating my patients who cannot access these tests in Victoria.
In addition, great variability existed among the literature, conference presenters, and BCCH clinical experts regarding a higher risk of infection associated with the use of positive pressure caps (Yebenes et al.
Sometime during the summer of 2008, positive pressure caps became a recommended practice for PICC lines at BCCH based on a widely accepted practice with the community vascular access programs.
In their example, BCCH had significant cultural and operational changes that influenced their PICU's adherence to the CLA-BSI bundles.
These bits of information initially are sent on the BCCH or PBCCH then transferred to the PACCH while the mobile is receiving data on a PDTCH.
ARFCN absolute radio frequency channel number or the channel number in a GSM, GPRS, or EDGE system BCCH broadcast control channel; broadcast by the base station BER bit error rate BER1 test that checks the mobile receiver's bit error rate for Class 1 bits subject to error correction by the mobile BER2 test that checks the mobile receiver's bit error rate for Class 2 bits not error corrected BLER block error rate for GPRS/EDGE systems DCS digital cellular system, usually used to refer to GSM deployed in the 1,800-MHz band DSP digital signal processor EDGE enhanced dta rates for GSM evoluation EVM error vector magnitude FER frame erasure rate GGSN gateway GPRS support node; the intreface to the IP or X.
Alecia is now a Clinical Nurse Coordinator in the PICU at BCCH.
3) Limited Service: La MS no ha encontrado una celula aceptable en terminos de un BCCH apropiado.
En este modo, la MS no tiene asignado ningun canal fisico dedicado; escucha el CCCH y el BCCH.
Una vez encontrada una portadora BCCH la MS debe intentar sincronizarse a ella y leer su informacion de difusion.
If the received signals are hopping, in addition to their identification and correlation to their host BCCH carriers, the percentage of time during which the interference is present is also calculated and reported to the user.