BCCNBernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (Göttingen, Germany)
BCCNBorder Counties Childcare Network (Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform; Ireland)
BCCNBethany Cell Church Network (Baker, LA)
BCCNBoone County Community Network (est. 1995; Indiana)
BCCNBorder Collie Club Nederland (Dutch: Border Collie Club Netherlands; Netherlands)
BCCNBureau de Contrôle des Chaudières Nucléaires (French: Office of Nuclear Control of Boilers)
BCCNBertrand Calenge: Carnet de Notes (French: Bertrand Calenge: Notebook; blog)
BCCNBadminton Club de Case Navire (Case Navire, Martinique)
BCCNBridlewood Community Church of the Nazarene (Ottawa, Canada)
BCCNBasket Club du Canton de Nanteuil le Haudouin (French: Basketball Club of the Canton de Nanteuil Haudouin)
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Finally, the security provided by the BCCN method for casual snoopers can be derived as
In other words, the BCCN method provides less security than do the IN and CN methods against disclosure of information to casual snoopers.
The linear transformation used by the BCCN method (see Eq.
Comparing the results for casual snoopers, it is clear that, for a given value of d, the security provided by the BCCN method for this type of snooper is much lower than that provided by the other two methods.
The results indicate that, for casual snoopers, the BCCN method provides lower security than the IN and CN methods.