BCCRBanco Central de Costa Rica
BCCRBjerknes Centre for Climate Research (University of Bergen; Norway)
BCCRBreast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
BCCRBritish Columbia Cave Rescue
BCCRBiomarkers of Cervical Cancer Risk
BCCRBanking Center Control Review
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In addition, the series has become the foundation for BCCR certification.
Balance of Payments: According to BCCR President Lizano, the current account deficit on Dec.
Winning BCCR signifies not only our partnership with the bank but also our commitment to the Central and South American marketplace.
80%, the lowest since March 1994 according to the BCCR, while variations in the inflation rate during the same period have been within normal parameters.
There were 9,366 records of registration for isolated CABG added to BCCR between January 1991 and December 2000.
5) MDS Associates and Stickgold and Associates (1997) suggested that State-based estimates of changes between BCRR and UDS might be unreliable because of problems in the 1993 grant application data, including: (1) grantees do not always report data for the same time period (calendar year versus fiscal year reporting differences); (2) there are descrepancies between grant application and BCCR data on the number of users by insurance status; and (3) in any given year, grant application data have not been available for all grantees.
The reform enacted by the BCCR places a ceiling of 9% in the accumulated growth rates in credit to, and investments in, the non-financial private sector in both local and foreign currency between the months of February and October by financial institutions regulated by the Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras (SUGEF), the General Financial Institution Authority.
Piccini, BCCR, President, Global Corporate Services at DTZ, will continue to serve on the Board as Treasurer.
The BCCR program is an outgrowth of research done by the International Development Research Council (IDRC), the worldwide association of corporate real estate executives headquartered in Atlanta.
In 2008, the BCCR prioritized managing foreign exchange pressures over meeting inflation targets as evidenced by negative real interest rates and the use of international reserves to defend the managed exchange rate band.
Piccini, BCCR, President, Global Corporate Services, DTZ, who was appointed Treasurer, and Varcoe as Immediate Past Chairman, round out the officers' positions on the Board of Directors.
While inflation and financial dollarization have come down somewhat in this early phase of the transition, the BCCR is expected to miss its inflation objective of 8% for 2007 and needs to improve its inflation-fighting credentials.