BCCSPBreast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program
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For the purpose of correlating FIT result with findings on CSPY, as a number of BCCSP participants had multiple FITs performed, we correlated FIT result to its pathologic finding for each FIT result.
Between Nov-2013 and Dec-2014 168,599 participants (median age 61 years; 48.5% male) entered the BCCSP (Figure 1).
FIT positivity data were available for 151,833 BCCSP participants.
At the BCCSP FIT cut-off of [micro]10 [micro]g/g ([micro]50 ng/mL) the PPV for CRC, HRAs, all adenomas, and all neoplasia were 2.3%, 20.4%, 52.0%, and 54.2%, respectively.
In addition to the limitations discussed above, we were unable to calculate detection rates of CRC for the entire screening population as a proportion of patients underwent FIT outside of the BCCSP. Of these participants, those with a negative FIT would not have been registered and those with a positive FIT may have undergone CSPY outside the BCCSP or may have been referred for CSPY within the program.
The current BCCSP FIT cut-off generates a PPV for all adenomas that meets the recommended Canadian benchmark and the program will continue to utilize this FIT threshold with the goal of optimizing both patient outcomes and resource utilization.