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BCDFBusiness System Component Description File
BCDFBroadband Content Delivery Forum (AT&T, Nortel and others)
BCDFB Cell Differentiation Factor
BCDFBent County Development Foundation (Bent County, CO)
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Everyone knows that not all festivals are created--or funded--equally, and the BCDF is no different.
When we met with the BCDF, there was immediate synergy.
While Farmiga is already committed to directing another independent film, "Flying Squirrels," a comedy about family grief written by her husband, Renn Hawkey, and financed by the BCDF, she's not sure if she's cut out to be an auteur.
The demonstration will take place at the BCDF Booth # 10327 in exhibit hall C.
Each of the BCDF Working Groups has made significant progress in contributing to the Forum's stated objective to produce a reference architecture.
In order to ensure the seamless integration of Netpliance's next generation BSD platform into its customers existing infrastructure, the company is participating in standards bodies including IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative), ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) Consortium and BCDF (Broadband Content Delivery Forum).
Vividon is dedicated to bringing to market a product that dramatically improves the deployment of video over the Internet, and has joined BCDF to advance discussions on how to most effectively enhance the end-users' Web experience.
The BCDF will facilitate the cooperation of industry players to accelerate the delivery of broadband content to the marketplace while addressing the complex marketing, legal and regulatory issues that will accompany this evolution.
As a member of the BCDF, Elron TeleSoft will contribute its knowledge and experience in providing infrastructure services for service and content providers that will rapidly deploy content over the Internet.
The inaugural meeting of the BCDF takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday, May 11.
The delivery of dynamic content and the end user experience has been hindered by today's Internet, which is currently optimized for 56kbps, said Anthony Alles, president IP Services, Nortel Networks(a), which is a founding member of BCDF.