BCDFBusiness System Component Description File
BCDFBroadband Content Delivery Forum (AT&T, Nortel and others)
BCDFB Cell Differentiation Factor
BCDFBent County Development Foundation (Bent County, CO)
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Everyone knows that not all festivals are created--or funded--equally, and the BCDF is no different.
He points to POSzT, a national festival due in June, that boasts upwards of 15 shows, many of which he considers to be more mainstream than the BCDF lineup.
with the three-item trees (Table VIII: char 1-4, DE; 1-8, BCDF; 1-9,
"Members of the BCDF and the SCC found that the two groups had grown into complementary organizations with common goals, membership and compatible programs," said Derek Kuhn from Alcatel and Chairman, Broadband Content Delivery Forum.
The BCDF's primary technical goal is to develop and recommend open architectures for delivering multimedia content and an improved, personalized end user experience over broadband networks.
CREDITS: A Strategic Motion Ventures presentation of a BCDF Pictures production.
North, Jacksonville, FL; H 904/744-3950 x7399, * 904/745-7375, e vikvangogh@cs.com, www.ju.edu BCDF "Movement for the Media" Jacksonville.
Several Internet infrastructure, content and service providers have teamed up to establish a new alliance, called the Broadband Content Delivery Forum (BCDF), that will focus on developing open architectures for the delivery of rich multimedia content over the emerging broadband networks.
McIntyre, MD Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology University of Toronto Chairman and Executive Director Brain and Cognition Discovery Foundation (BCDF) Director Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA)/Chicago/USA Head Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit University Health Network Toronto, Canada
BCDF Pictures (principals Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra and Lauren Munsch) became the primary production company and financier of the pic.
Combined with niche hits like "Winter's Bone," these deals offered further encouragement to producer/financiers like BCDF Pictures ("Higher Ground"), Maybach Cunningham Entertainment ("Martha ...") and Super Crispy Entertainment ("Like Crazy"), as well as individuals who can now afford to play patron of the arts on very low-budget projects.
A Strategic Motion Ventures presentation of a BCDF Pictures production in association with Authentic Management Project, the Group Entertainment and Ruminant Films.