BCDRCBiological and Chemical Defence Review Committee (Canada)
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"It indirectly examines what individuals like Banting had to deal with: things like killing other people in wartime versus their conscience." But it is clear from today's global realpolitik that "any advanced nation needs to maintain a defensive expertise," says Bryden, who was consulted on the creation of the BCDRC before its formal launch in 1990.
Today, the BCDRC focuses strictly upon current activities occurring under the auspices of DND.
BCDRC members will visit facilities like these during their twice yearly, week-long inspection trips.
"You have to know how to be offensive in order to build the proper defences against them, so it's important to know how to weaponize a chemical agent," says Potvin, who, along with his BCDRC colleagues, visits CFB Suffield when weapons exercises are carried out and keeps tabs year-round on the facility.
Such realities necessitate vigilance, not only by our governments and military but groups like the BCDRC that help uphold and preserve Canadian values.
Pierre Potvin is a professor of chemistry at York University and Chair of the BCDRC. In 2015, he will be stepping down and the search for his replacement is already underway.