BCEFBreast Cancer Emergency Fund (various locations)
BCEFBaring Central European Fund
BCEFBlount County Education Foundation (Alcoa, TN)
BCEFBay Catholic Educational Foundation (Bay County, Michigan)
BCEFBile Canaliculi-Enriched Fraction
BCEFBackground-Corrected Ejection Fraction (radiology)
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Kibler.) Traditional Sonnets Petrarchan / Legitimate abba abba cdecde [cdcdee / cdedce] Shakespearean / Illegitimate abab cdcd efef gg Spenserian abab bcbc cdcd ee Romantic Variations ** Coleridge, To the River Otter abba acdc dcde ce ** Keats, To Sleep abab cdcd bcef ef ** --, If by dull rhymes abca bdca bcde de Simms's Sonnets Starting with abba ** If from the Morning of Thy abba acca adad ee Days (11) Exhaustion (254) abba accd eefd ff Sympathy with Nature (138) abba ccad aede a [13 lines] Religious Musings (129) abba cddc effe bb The Age of Gold (132) abba cdcd efef ef The Portrait (29) abba cdcd effe gg ** Flowers and Trees (128) abba cddc effe gg Solace of the Woods (108) abba cddc efef cc ** To My Books (3) abba cddc efef gg ** To W.
When the Blue Chip Economic Forecast (BCEF), a monthly survey of 53 top economists, projected a growth rate of 3.3 percent this year, the Bush administration claimed that the estimate was based on the salutary effect that Bush's feed-the-rich tax cut would have on the economy.
As Figure 1 indicates, the lower marginal price results in an increase in the entrance price equal to the area of the trapezoid ACEG and an increase in costs equal to [Mathematical Expression Omitted] times ([q.sub.1] + [q.sub.2]).(6) It follows that the net revenue received by the firm is lower from the elastic consumer but higher from the inelastic consumer.(7) Under some circumstances, illustrated by Figure 1, it is possible for the net loss from the elastic consumer (area of triangle CDE) to be more than offset by the net gain from the other consumer (area of trapezoid BCEF), increasing the firm's total return.