BCERCBreast Cancer and Environment Research Centers
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The BCERC is pleased to have Gold level support from The Martin J.
As noted by Baralt and McCormick (2010), the 2002 RFA for BCERC did not require adherence to principles of community-based participatory research.
Also announced at BCERC is a new research prize named for Ernesto Bertarelli, a 1989 graduate of Babson College, in recognition of his family's track record in fostering entrepreneurship.
Likewise, colleagues within the BCERC network encouraged us to discuss these high PFOA levels in community B.
In addition to the conference, and hosted in conjunction with the BCERC since 1985, Babson College will hold the 2013 BCERC Doctoral Consortium Program.
The BCERC epidemiology project is a longitudinal study of girls enrolled at 6-8 years of age and followed through puberty.
Individual research questions and hypotheses in BCERC are driven by gaps in our knowledge that are presented at genetic, metabolic, cellular, individual, and environmental (physical and social) levels.
This will require concerted energy from BCERC leadership and NIH program staff to take full advantage of the opportunity.
Characteristics of the study population, BCERC pilot study, 2004-2005.
Three important features characterize the BCERC program.
The rigorous National Institutes of Health review processes necessary for each center to be funded assured that the BCERCs are innovative and compelling.