BCFGFog Patches (Terminal Area Forecast)
BCFGBusiness Capital Financial Group (Australia)
BCFGBillion Cubic Feet Gas
BCFGBritish Cold Forging Group
BCFGBadminton Club Florival Guebwiller (French badminton club)
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In order to state our results for the automaton BCFG, we shall use the same tools and notations as in Section 3.
The fighting was brutal, elemental--"kill or be killed", give no quarter and expect none,' Nunneley recalls in Tales from the Burma Campaign(*), a book of memoirs recently published by the BCFG.
The BCFG traces its origins to a Welsh engine driver, Gwilym Davies, who decided in the early Eighties that he wanted to shake the hands of his former enemies.
The BCFG was launched in 1988 and, with funding from the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, began to organize exchange visits for Japanese and British ex-servicemen.
An independent expert has estimated the three main targets to be explored have potential gross reserves of 32 MMBO (million barrels oil) and 19 BCFG (billion cubic feet of gas).
This target has been penetrated in the old Wasco field by a well drilled in 1940 to the Vedder sand and deepened in 1949 to the Eocene sand which produced over 275,000 barrels of 40 gravity and over 1 BCFG from the Eocene before being shut in.
The acreage is situated between and around two completed wells with project reserves between 6-10 BCFG per location from the Lance formation.
The Divide Field currently produces approximately 1 million cubic feet of gas per day from the Cedar Mountain and Dakota horizons, and Fellows believes an additional 16-32 wellsites are possible on the acreage, with average reserves of 1-2 BCFG per well.
P Based on 2 x 640 acres drainage 60 BCFG 3 MMBBL Condensate P+P Based on 9000 acres reservoir 423 BCFG 21 MMBBL Condensate(a) P+P+P Total area of potential reservoir 2.
As of this date, DEAL estimates that its share of a prospective resource estimate ranges from 16 - 32 BCFG.