BCFGFog Patches (Terminal Area Forecast)
BCFGBusiness Capital Financial Group (Australia)
BCFGBillion Cubic Feet Gas
BCFGBritish Cold Forging Group
BCFGBadminton Club Florival Guebwiller (French badminton club)
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In order to state our results for the automaton BCFG, we shall use the same tools and notations as in Section 3.
The 18,400-foot Green Estate well located in Beckham County, Oklahoma has produced 28.8 Bcfg and a minor amount of oil from the Hunton formation.
The 12,400-foot Horn well located in Grady County, Oklahoma has produced 12.9 Bcfg and minor amounts of oil from the Springer formation.
The 11,100-foot Fee well is located in Hemphill County, Texas and has produced 8.0 Bcfg and 152,000 barrels of oil from the Morrow formation.
`The fighting was brutal, elemental--"kill or be killed", give no quarter and expect none,' Nunneley recalls in Tales from the Burma Campaign(*), a book of memoirs recently published by the BCFG. `Yet the swing of deep emotion from hatred to compassion can be swift.'
The BCFG traces its origins to a Welsh engine driver, Gwilym Davies, who decided in the early Eighties that he wanted to shake the hands of his former enemies.
In this diagram the proposed foreshortened image is a trapezoid, bcfg, which extends up toward a theoretical principal point on the right that would become apparent if you took a ruler and extended lines cf and bg until they met at a point.
Sale of goods and services in the branded consumer foods segment (BCFG), excluding packaging division, increased by 4.4 percent year-on-year to P47.864 billion.
Due to the decline in the volume of powdered beverages, which was due to the slower growth of the coffee market, BCFG sales were muted.
According to the geologist, the prospect is a low-risk development prospect with gas reserves expected to be in the 1 BCFG to 4 BCFG (billion cubic feet of natural gas) range and between 30,000 and 80,000 BO (barrels of oil) per well.
According to the geologist, the re-completion is a low risk development prospect with gas reserves expected to be in the 1 BCFG to 2 BCFG range and approximately 20,000 barrels of oil.