BCFNBritish Columbia First Nation (Canada)
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On the day that Pope Francis underlined the urgent need for new rules to contrast the big food and nutrition contradictions of the modern world, the BCFN Foundation handed over the Protocol to the Italian premier with the hope that participating countries to Expo 2015 in Milan will sign up to a global food deal.
Guido Barilla, President of the BCFN Foundation, said: "Our hope is that Italian and international institutions will adopt the Protocol in order to underline the urgency of placing concrete measures at the core of political agendas to safeguard our future.
New BCFN Foundation Board members are Slow Food President Carlo Petrini, S&D Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament Paolo De Castro, and Bocconi Vice Rector for Development Alberto Grando.
BCFN Foundation--Luca Di Leo | luca.dileo@barillacfn.com | + 39 0521 2621
Preparation of BCFN Powders, YDC Nanopowders, and BCFN-YDC Ceramics.
Nano-YDC porous layer was coated on one side of BCFN membranes by using the dipping method [2, 25-27].
Phases of BCFN powders, YDC nano-powders, and BCFN-YDC membrane were characterized by X-ray diffraction (D/max-2550 X-ray diffractometer, Rigaku, Japan) using Cu[K.sub.[alpha]] radiation ([lambda] = 0.154178 nm).
Micrograph of BCFN membrane and BCFN-YDC membrane was observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM, JSM-6700F high resolution scanning electronic microscope, Japan).
BCFN membrane with 17 mm diameter and 1.0 mm thickness was placed in the quartz tube.
The study was presented during an open debate at the European Parliament, organised by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) and hosted by Paolo de Castro, Member of the European Parliament (Socialists & Democrats, Italy).
"The BCFN Double Pyramid is a significant achievement because it demonstrates the coincidence, in one model, of two different but equally important goals: health and environmental protection", said Barbara Buchner, director of the Climate Policy Initiative in Venice and member of the BCFN Advisory Board.
We should eat according to the BCFN's Double Food and Environmental Pyramid, which recommends foods that are high in nutritional value and less damaging to the environment; plant-based proteins are the best.