BCFSBaptist Child & Family Services (San Antonio, TX)
BCFSBudongo Conservation Field Station (Masindi, Uganda)
BCFSBritish Columbia Ferry Services, Inc
BCFSBemidji Community Food Shelf (Bemidji, MN)
BCFSBlue Chip Financial Solutions (Australia and New Zealand)
BCFSBritish Columbia Film Society (part of Canadian Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture)
BCFSBombardier Corporate Financial Services (Switzerland)
BCFSBrief Continuous Foot Shock (clinical psychological research)
BCFSBritish Columbia Folklore Society (Canada)
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Similarly in this study, BCFS concentrated on the cones of native slash pine and cypress for 6 mo and consumed fungi in the period before these foods became available.
We observed BCFS burying and retrieving cones of pine and cypress and fruits of queen palm.
There are several differences between the foods taken by BCFS in this study and those reported for fox squirrels in other southeastern studies (Moore, 1957; Weigl et al.
Quite different dietary patterns were reported for BCFS on the same golf course (Jodice and Humphrey, 1992).
1989; Loeb and Moncrief, 1993; Koprowski and Corse, 2005), BCFS activity reflects local changes in the physical environment, food availability and reproduction.
The seasonal activity patterns reported for BCFS without radio-collars on this same course (Jodice and Humphrey, 1992) may have been affected by a detectability bias that favored observation of squirrels in the open.
Even as additional resources are requested from state or federal governments, the responsibility to answer the immediate initial needs of communities impacted by an emergency will typically always fall on the local community," said BCFS President and CEO Kevin Dinnin.
Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and with offices from coast-to-coast and on four continents, BCFS EMD is one of the top emergency management partners for FEMA, the U.
That's where disasters begin, and local governments become the initial lifeblood of survival," said Kari Tatro, BCFS Executive Vice President of Emergency Management.
BCFS EMD will also produce a pilot curriculum template for inclusion in FEMA's Center for Domestic Preparedness at its Noble Training Center located in Anniston, Alabama.
In addition to FEMA's whole community planning contract, BCFS EMD is also currently working with the City of Los Angeles to enhance their emergency management program to account for the whole community.
Dinnin, president of BCFS Health and Human Services and designated the "incident commander" by state officials for the shelter operation.