BCGABritish Compressed Gases Association
BCGABritish Columbia Golf Association (est. 1922; Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
BCGABritish Cotton Growing Association (UK)
BCGABasin Centered Gas Accumulation
BCGABritish Columbia Geocaching Association (Canada)
BCGABinary Coded Genetic Algorithm
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We created Brooklyn Crafted to offer our loyal customers the spice that they crave and the freshness that they expect," says Terry Tang, co-founder and CEO of BCGA.
According to Wang and Xiang's description, FCCI can be considered to be at this initial stage, whereas BCGA being a more established organization, would be at their later 'evaluation stage'.
The initial meeting for BCGA was in 1999 and the convention bureaus of Boston, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Vancouver met to discuss the inception as founding members.
The populations sampled for this research were the members of the two alliances, FCCI and BCGA.
For the BCGA group, the Executive Director was approached and asked to distribute the survey at their meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark held in June 2011.
BCGA also indicated the highest response in this category to this same statement, stating in their literature their goal is 'to be recognized globally for setting new service standards.
For the BCGA group, 'Alliances have a duty to specialize in industry specific meetings' received the lowest scoring by members.
Martin Evans, chairman of the BCGA and MD of Freshgro, said: "We're seeing the results of our work to highlight the versatility of the carrot.
The work that BCGA carries out across the country has had an immeasurable impact on the lives of children and we are delighted to help that continue into their next hundred years.
American Express' long-standing support of our organization has truly had an indelible impact on BCGA at both a national and local level," said Evan McElroy, national vice president, Marketing and Communications, Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
The BCGA is working with the Horticultural Development Council to find alternative crop protection strategies.
The BCGA acreage is not expected to alter radically as it represents the larger specialist producers which are growing to specific programmes," he said.