BCGEUBritish Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (Canada)
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As with the BCGEU, Christie, and CBA decisions, Trial Lawyers originated as a case brought before the courts of British Columbia.
quotes Gary Steaves, the then director of organizing at the BCGEU:
the Minister said no, that [provision] wouldn't be acceptable." (64) This rejection, coupled with government's refusal to exempt BCGEU from the certain restraint legislation, caused the potential deal to collapse.
In a path-breaking judgement, Meiorin and the BCGEU won on both counts.
The BCGEU has led a high-profile campaign to raise awareness about the Maximus contract.
(47) In BCGEU v British Columbia (AG), (48) Chief Justice Dickson discussed the question of remedies:
In BCGEU v British Columbia (Attorney General), (29) for example, the Supreme Court held that an injunction prohibiting picketing outside courts was constitutional because the picketers were threatening to impede the operation of justice.
Even he was amazed by the impact it had on others, such as the British Columbia Government Employees' Union (BCGEU).
In 2000, 35 per cent of all paid workers in the province were unionized, with largest membership among the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the British Columbia Government Employees Union (BCGEU), and the British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF).
"The BCGEU is the leading union in the province with the view to support First Nations in terms of treaties and self government," said Marcel Dionne, staff organizer for the BCGEU.