BCGPBoard Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (Board of Pharmacy Specialties credential)
BCGPBicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
BCGPBig Country Goat Producers (Abilene, Texas)
BCGPBritish Columbia Green Party (Canada)
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HAGP showed high mixed failure mode (52%), whereas ActiV GP and BCGP showed cohesive failure, 48% and 44%, respectively.
Although ActiV GP, BCGP, HAGP, and conventional GP groups were used with the same sealer, they yielded different bond strength values.
BCGP yielded the second highest bond strength, which is in contrast to a previous study that stated that it had the lowest bond strength compared to GP/AH plus and experimental GP which contained a niobium phosphate glass composite [11].
BCGP results were available at a mean of 28.2 to 51.0 hours before culture-based final identification and susceptibility results at TH.
In previous BCGP studies, the correct identification rates in polymicrobial cultures ranged from 57 to 86% [14-16, 31, 32].
BCGP misidentification for streptococci included 2 S.
With the approval of the cabinet the entire funds for four years needed for the implementation of the BCGP were put in fixed deposit account.
Contingent upon the smooth flow of funds for the project copper production is expected to begin at BCGP in less than three years.
The meeting observed that BCGP will be a milestone project not only for the province but also for the entire country because the Reko Diq reserves are the 5th largest gold and copper reserves in the world which if tapped properly would earn precious foreign exchange and bring economic boom in the entire region.
BCGP = [[sigma].sup.2.sub.BGR] - [[sigma].sup.2.sub.CRI_BGR]/[[sigma].sup.2.sub.CRI_BGR] x 100% (3)
The BCGP of an output image with noise-artifacts will be significantly higher than the BCGP of its original image without noise-artifacts.