BCHILBritish Columbia Hydro International Ltd.
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Upon transfer of a project, BCHIL Power shall assume all obligations in connection with the transferred project and shall reimburse BCHIL for all development costs to the date of transfer.
If BCHIL or the Cabinet of the government of British Columbia, as the case may be, decides that BCHIL should not be associated with the project, then BCHIL Power shall transfer all rights to participate in the project to IPC and IPC shall continue the development of the particular project.
In the event that IPC requires either management or technical expertise (or both), IPC shall first offer such opportunity to provide such services to BCHIL at market-value compensation.
There are currently eight projects in Pakistan, India, China, Malaysia and Chile for which BCHIL has signed letters of intent or is actively pursuing, for an aggregate of 1,811 megawatts of capacity.
There can be no assurances that any or all of these projects will in fact reach a developed stage such that they would be transferred to BCHIL Power or to the IPC.