BCHLBritish Columbia Hockey League (Tier II Junior A Hockey League, British Columbia, Canada)
BCHLBone Conduction Hearing Loss
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The spectral change of the BChl accompanies with the [E.sub.m] shifted moderately (from 400 mV to 450 mV in the ground state [P.sup.+.sub.860]/[P.sub.860]) in the form of the special pair.
The molecular orbital (MO) levels of chlorophylls (Chl) and bacteriochlorophylls (BChl) (left).
Caption: Figure 2: The absorption spectra of bacteriochlorophyll-a in organic solvent ([[lambda].sub.max] = 770 nm, ET-OH), bound to the RC in the form of monomer (called "accessory chlorophylls," [[lambda].sub.max] = 802 nm) and in the form of dimer (called primary electron donor, [(BChl).sub.2], [[lambda].sub.max] = 860 nm).
P: primary electron donor; BChl: bacteriochlorophyll; BPheo: bacteriopheophytin; [Q.sub.A]: primary quinone type electron acceptor; [Q.sub.B]: secondary quinone type electron acceptor.
Winnipeg (from Nashville via Washington), Matt Ustaski, C-LW, Langley (BCHL).
While we are the first study (to our knowledge) to examine the relation between audit committee factors and restatements, prior research has examined similar corporate governance variables in a fraud setting (APP 2000; BCHL 2000).
Independent of these developments, BCHL introduced the notion of localized frames to prove powerful results concerning the density and excess of frames, extending their results in [2] and [3].
This definition also extends the results of BCHL, which can be found in [16].
If we let Y = G and [a.sub.Y] = id, then we have the definition of BCHL provided [sup.sub.j[member of]G] [absolute value of [a.sup.-1.sub.X](j)] [less than or equal to] K < [infinity].