BCHPBreast and Cervical Health Program (Washington and Alaska)
BCHPBuildings Cooling, Heating and Power
BCHPBucks County Horse Park (Revere, PA)
BCHPBonded Core Hollow Point (ammunition)
BCHPBabylonian Chronicles of the Hellenistic Period (book)
BCHPBuilding Combined Heat and Power
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Plischke cites Grayson's edition (ABC 10), but a completely new edition with commentary is available as BCHP 3, at www.livius.org/sources/about/mesopotamian-chronicles/.
The Series BCHP can be used in laboratories and production areas.
BCHP is an integrated distributed generation (DG) represents an economic and environmental solution in fuel consumption, utility cost and carbon footprints.
Cost penalties of near-optimal scheduling control of BCHP systems: Part II--modeling, optimization, and analysis results.
Phase B: "Controller Section, Evaluation and Comparison:" would involve developing a simulation environment able to predict the impact of different control strategies of operating a BCHP plant, perform numerous simulations under large number of different scenarios, distill the results, and develop operating guidelines or/and a set of tools.
Cost penalties of near-optimal scheduling control of BCHP systems: Part I Selection of Case Study Scenarios and Data Generation.
(9.) BM 105211 is the last document dated to Antigonus: Antig.09.05.22 (27 August 309 B.C.), around the same time as the last hostilities between Antigonus and Seleucus mentioned in BCHP 3: L.E.
Though reliable estimates are lacking in the technical literature, the consensus is that 5%-15% of cost savings can be realized if these multiple-equipment BCHP plants were operated more rationally and optimally.
In the case of BCHP systems for commercial/institutional buildings involving multiple prime movers, chillers, and boilers, the large variability in thermal and electric loads requires a more careful design process.
Market potential for advanced thermally activated BCHP in five national account sectors.