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They humiliated, tortured and abused political detainees by cursing, severely beating with batons, using pepper sprays and threatening them," BCHR said.
In August authorities prevented Maryam Al Khawaja, BCHR acting president, from boarding a British Airlines flight to Bahrain.
The BCHR reported the detainee, who identified himself as Hussain Jameel Jafer Ali Marhoon, had bruises on his arm.
The BCHR said it finds"this most recent act by the Bahraini Government very worrying as it is clear that it wants no witnesses to its current and anticipated future violations".
Since their establishment in 2002, the BCHR has operated as an apologetic vehicle for militant opposition groups in Bahrain, rather than a genuine human rights organisation.
He raised his voice telling them to stop, and when they realised that he had witnessed what was happening, they quickly left," BCHR said in a statement.
Founding members of the defunct BCHR, who are now behind bars, including Abdulhadi Al Khawaja and Nabeel Rajab, are known to have organised several violent protests.
The Norwegian watchdog has shut its eyes and swallowed the BCHR allegations, adopting a one-sided view," she said.
The BCHR documented nine cases throughout 2017 in which women were detained over their activism or that of their family members.
BCHR calls for the release of selected Shia prisoners while Al Wefaq demands the release of Marzooq, have an emergency meeting in Geneva, defiantly break the law and meet a foreign official and abandon the National Dialogue.
Ahmed Zakaria, a BCHR lawyer, attended the interrogations of three suspects, Mohamed Saleh and Mohamed Bayoumi from Alexandria, and Cairo based Amr Mohamed.
Mr Al Kadhem said he was contacted by the BCHR team several times to share his feedback, but he refused.