BCHRTBritish Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (Vancouver, Canada)
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Figliola dealt with a challenge to a BCHRT decision to hear a complaint on issues previously addressed by a review officer of the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB).
150) However, both the BCHRT and the HRTO have unhesitatingly applied Figliola to labour arbitration.
For the approach in BC see Young v Coast Mountain Bus Company Ltd, 2003 BCHRT 28 at paras 19-27 (available on CanLII); Complainant X v British Columbia (Ministry of Children and Family Development) (No 2), 2012 BCHRT 98 (available on CanLII); Szepat v British Columbia (Ministry of Children and Family Development), 2012 BCHRT 185 (available on CanLII).
91) The Board relied heavily on the BCHRT reasoning in Gill v.
Figliola v British Columbia (Workers' Compensation Board), 2008 BCHRT 374 (available on QL) [Figliola HRT].
Ministry of Health (24 August 2001), 2001 BCHRT 45, online: BC Human Rights Tribunal <http://www.
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