BCIDBase Context Identifier
BCIDBunch Crossing Identifier
BCIDBlood Culture Identification Panel (diagnostic test)
BCIDBookcrossing ID
BCIDBradford Centre for International Development (now Department for Development and Economic Studies; University of Bradford; UK)
BCIDBritish Columbia Industrial Design Association (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
BCIDBattlefield Combat Identification
BCIDBilling Correlation ID
BCIDBritish Columbia Identification (British Columbia, Canada)
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need to plan for PWDs at all, as the BCID plaintiffs argued in their
the BCID case was filed, "We have seen [indifference to the needs
Both of the Long-eared Myotis recordings were identified in KaleidoscopePro but BCID classified these as noise.
To be identified to the species level required at least 2 methods to agree on species identification (out of 4 possible methods: KaleidoscopePro, BCID, manual identification, DFA [for EPFULANO category only]).
The minimum set of parameters included in the ABIREQ is the BCID, the identifier of the service that the MN wants to use (Service Request ID--SRID), and the corresponding identifier intended to be used on the SP interface (Service ID--SID).
Fitch believes that the near term effects of the bill on BCID are manageable and include moderate margin compression.
Furman issued the opinion and order certifying the proposed class in BCID v.
As the BCID case unfolded, courts around the country had just begun to consider the impact of Wal-Mart on litigation on behalf of PWDs, but no clear consensus had emerged.
In BCID, because the City's emergency response services depended on coordinating the efforts of numerous agencies and programs and--per the defendants' theory of the harm--the City's alleged failures toward members of the plaintiff class manifested themselves in many different ways, Judge Furman could have interpreted the case as presenting a series of failures rather than a single common policy, reading the Wal-Mart decision as precluding certification of the plaintiff class.
Only a transformational event that dramatically grows the company's size, scale while maintaining balance sheet strength and profitability like a merger with a bigger higher rated entity could have positive rating implications for BCID.
The BCID Panel also identifies four antimicrobial resistance genes, namely mecA, vanA, vanB and blaKPC, which confer resistance to methicillin/oxacillin, vancomycin and carbapenems.