BCIDBunch Crossing Identifier
BCIDBase Context Identifier
BCIDBlood Culture Identification Panel (diagnostic test)
BCIDBookcrossing ID
BCIDBradford Centre for International Development (now Department for Development and Economic Studies; University of Bradford; UK)
BCIDBritish Columbia Industrial Design Association (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
BCIDBattlefield Combat Identification
BCIDBilling Correlation ID
BCIDBritish Columbia Identification (British Columbia, Canada)
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We have the following value assignments: (bcid, "001") = bcid = "001", (Zid, "110") = lid, = "100", (Idate, "25/8/17") = Idate = "25/8/17", (bid, "1234") = bad = "1234".
need to plan for PWDs at all, as the BCID plaintiffs argued in their
However, to test the efficacy of the autoidentification software, these reference file recordings were analyzed using both KaleidoscopePro and BCID. Both of the Long-eared Myotis recordings were identified in KaleidoscopePro but BCID classified these as noise.
SS [right arrow] BS : [N.sub.s] | Cert (SS) | Capabilities | BCID
The minimum set of parameters included in the ABIREQ is the BCID, the identifier of the service that the MN wants to use (Service Request ID--SRID), and the corresponding identifier intended to be used on the SP interface (Service ID--SID).
Each book is given a unique BCID tracking number and, once it has been read, can be left in a public place for someone else to find and read.
We expect this strong momentum to continue in 2019, driven by the expanding installed base of our ePlex analyzers and the recent FDA clearances of our BCID panels," said Hany Massarany, President and CEO.
He has been involved in the development of a number of FilmArray Multiplex PCR panels including the Meningitis/ Encephalitis (ME) and Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Panels.
(187) The BCID court would later find that "paratransit began to shut down only half an hour after the Mayor issued the evacuation order, while subway and bus service remained open for at least eight more hours." (188) As the U.S.
26 June 2013 - US clinical diagnostics company BioFire Diagnostics Inc said yesterday its FilmArray Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Panel had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
By adding the FilmArray BCID panel to the VIDAS B-R-A-H-M-S PCT, procalcitonin biomarker for sepsis, and BacT/ALERT 3D, we believe bioMerieux now offers the most impactful suite of products for detecting, diagnosing, and managing septic patients.
The BCID Panel tests positive blood cultures and can detect over 100 blood pathogens that cause sepsis.