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BCIEBanco Centroamericano de Integración Económica
BCIEBullous Congenital Ichthyosiform Erythroderma
BCIEBearer Capability Information Element
BCIEBusiness Club Innover Entreprendre (French: Entrepreneurship Innovation Business Club)
BCIEBaltic Council for International Education
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Particularmente, en el caso de la banca, ha incrementado la movilidad y portabilidad de productos bancarios dentro del territorio centroamericano, sirviendo como motor de apoyo a la integracion economica", comenta el vicepresidente del BCIE.
Dentro del proyecto de integracion mesoamericano Xalala y Xacbal en Guatemala--son las dos infraestructuras importantes que se espera comiencen a funcionar entre finales de este ano y principios de 2010, cabe mencionar que la hidroelectrica Xacbal fue apoyado por el consorcio israeli Solel Boneh para su consolidacion desde que fuera anunciada en el 2007, junto con el Royal Bank, Merchant Bank, GTC Bank de panama, BCIE y la compania holandesa para el financiamiento del desarrollo (Quinto: 2007) (40)
When BCIE was founded in the early 1960s the nations of Central America were the only members.
Otro cambio notable hacia la integracion es que el BCIE ha fijado su interes en el sector privado, alejandose del aparato estatal.
Representante en el BCIE en aeropuerto JSM Denuncia contra un R.
He added that his ministry did not actually handle any funds as it was the BCIE that actually decided what consultants to hire and that actually paid them.
When the influential local morning daily La Nacion reported on this--as did other media later--criticism arose from different sectors, which pointed out that the BCIE funds had been wrongfully used, and Rodrigo Arias became the main target.
The loan granted by the BCIE for construction and equipping of the General Hospital of the Western Zone of Managua is part of the project for "Strengthening the Network of Public Second Level Health Services in Managua" with which it is also intended activities of hospital management, clinical training and maintenance will be carried out.
Lynskey also announced the receipt of a commitment for the project's first round of financing from Banco Costa Rica in syndication with BCIE (Central American Bank for Economic Integration).
The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) has awarded funding to Guatemala for Strengthening the National Registry, under which it is carrying out this acquisition process under the framework of the Policy for Obtaining Goods and Related Services and Consulting Services with BCIE Resources and Implementation Guidelines.
00), currency of the United States of America to the Bank of Salvadoran Workers (BTS) to finance or operations that fall within the programs of financial intermediation BCIE for which the borrower is eligible under the provisions contained in the program.
BCIE executive president Harry Brautigam added to the list of variables advances in the process of a customs union, because, he said, "We are absolutely convinced that, if we remain five independent markets, with independent trade policies, we are not going to be very attractive.