BCIGBritish Cochlear Implant Group (hearing devices; UK)
BCIGBattle Creek-Ida Grove (Iowa)
BCIGBiomedical Computing Interest Group (US NIH)
BCIGBulk and Connector Infrastructure Grant (South Africa)
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Cultures were injected by streaking 10 [micro]L of the suspensions onto Tergitol BCIG agar (Biokar Diagnostics, Beauvais, France).
The winners After two hours non-stop, the contestants crossed the line as follows: 1st BCIG 2nd SATCHE AND SATCHE3rd TEAM YOUNG 1 4th TEAM YOUNG 25th E- WORKS 1 6th POBLECES7th TEAM YOUNG 38th MEDIA EDGE 19th BCIG 10th MEDIA EDGE 2 11th E- WORKS 2 Abeer Battikhi, Jordan Kart court's manager, arranged and supervised the event.
BCIG also includes Platform, the society's intermediary lender formed from the merger of Platform Home Loans and Verso.