BCIHBernalillo County Indian Hospital (Albuquerque, NM)
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Trends in the malaria SPR and anemia prevalence from the PAEU at QECH, as well as malaria SPR trends from BCIH, were assessed by using logistic regression weighting by the total number of slides taken (for SPRs) or by the total number of children tested (for anemia prevalence).
Data from children admitted to BCIH for elective surgery were available for 2003-2010.
Although the catchment area of BCIH is wider than that of QECH (because it admits children from the southern and central regions), and therefore could include children exposed to higher or lower intensities of malaria transmission than those of Blantyre district, the catchment area and referral patterns have not changed over time.
The directors continue to monitor the carrying value of this intangible investment and will reconsider the its value once the negotiations with BCIH are concluded.
In 2010 the BCIH accounted for more than 60% of annual revenue.