BCIIBureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (Ohio Attorney General)
BCIIBone Care International, Inc.
BCIIBusiness Career Interest Inventory (career identification software)
BCIIBovine Collagen Type II
BCIIBattle Command and Intelligence Integration
BCIIBuilding and Construction Industry Improvement Act 2003 (Australia)
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As a result of the organization's out-of-the box tactics and strategic alliances with companies such as BCII, they are on the fast track to becoming one of the top MMA promotions in the country.
By combining the production quality that BCII will provide with the effort and focus that FUEL TV is putting into Friday Fight Night, we have no doubt that FUEL TV and the Fox Sports family will take Shark Fights to the next level and put it on par with the best MMA promotions in the country," says Nolen.
Forward-looking statements in this press release include that:(i) Nexaira's 4G Business Class Router works seamlessly with Verizon's new LTE (Long Term Evolution) network; (ii) that to the best of Nexaira's knowledge, Nexaira is the only business class router that supports LTE in the country; (iii) our tests in San Diego showed download speeds of 20Mbps and upload speeds of 8Mbps, many times faster than anything we have ever tested (iv) Nexaira's 4G BCII and SOHO Routers allow users to share their 4G connection with multiple computers; and (v) when connected via a Nexaira Router the NexWare firmware enables Mac users or any other wireless device to connect online with Verizon LTE.
As an added bonus, the Nexaira BCII router will charge your iPhone while plugged in.
Features like auto fail-over with anti-flap, enable the BCII to switch to a wireless backup connection within seconds of the primary wire line connection going down.
Nexaira's BCII will give Telispire a competitive edge in providing new services and features to their large customer base.
Nexaira's BCII will enable ContinuousTouch to deliver always-on high-speed wireless broadband connectivity with secure Internet and corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) for its business customers.
Nexaira's BCII will enable MegaPath's innovative Wireless Broadband Service to deliver always-on high-speed wireless broadband connectivity with secure Internet and corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) access for its business customers.
In order to solve this issue Gemcom has selected Nexaira's BCII routers to back up Gemcom's network by providing failover onto a local 3G/4G carrier network in each of Gemcom's offices.
Beginning July 1, 2010 Nexaira will begin shipping its BCII and SOHO routers with the ability to support WiMAX, 3G (EVDO, GPRS, HSPA+), or a combination of both in the same hardware form factor.
We selected the Nexaira BCII for its ease of use, its high performance, and its advanced security and redundancy features.