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Le BCIJ demeure tout de mAaAaAeA me vigilant AaAaAeA l'AaAaAeA@gard des individus regagnAaAaAeA@ le Maroc en provenance des rangs des groupes terroristes.
Sur ce point, la dAaAaAeA@marche adoptAaAaAeA@e par le BCIJ s'inscrit dans le c de la politique gAaAaAeA@nAaAaAeA@rale du Royaume qui a dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeA mis en place de loi qui pAaAaAeA@nalise la tentative de rallier ou le ralliement effect d'un foyer de tension", explique M.
Another three jars contained an orange color mix which "when stored in an anaerobic environment creates tetanus toxin, which once contracted, attacks the central nervous system and causes death," a member of the service risk management at BCIJ explained to HuffPost.
BCIJ claims to have dismantled 152 militant cells since 2002, including 31 since 2013 that were linked to armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq.
On actions by the Kingdom to counter ISIS strategy, the BCIJ head underlined that Morocco has always been a shield against terrorists and is, therefore, a target.
BCIJ investigation with members of this criminal gang revealed that the leader of the gang held secret meetings in his home in Dakhla during which he managed to instill in his accomplices ISIS extremist ideas and convinced them of the legitimacy of their schemes, the source said.
The gang leader also planned to use this money to fund his trip to ISIS camps to get a field combat experience before returning to the Kingdom to carry out destructive schemes, added BCIJ.
On this occasion, which comes in the wake of the dismantling of a dangerous terrorist network on February 18, the two ministers called upon BCIJ staff and security services to raise the level of vigilance and mobilization, and deploy all efforts to guarantee security and ensure citizens tranquillity.
He also requested from the two ministers, on behalf of all BCIJ and National Security staff, to convey their feelings of fidelity and loyalty to HM King Mohammed VI, reaffirming the determination of all security services to persevere in their efforts to protect the country against any danger and guarantee its stability under the wise leadership of HM the King, the statement said.
De 2002 a 2015, ce sont pres de 132 cellules terroristes qui ont ete demantelees, 276 projets terroristes neutralises et 2720 personnes arretees, revelait le BCIJ en mars dernier.
Commentant ce crime macabre, le directeur du BCIJ a insiste sur le danger public que representent les membres de cette bande, prets a tuer n'importe quelle victime sans raison valable.
Selon le directeur du BCIJ, les investigations ont confirme l'implication des membres de la cellule dans le recrutement et l'envoi, via un financement etranger, de jeunes marocains pour rallier les rangs de cette organisation terroriste dans la region irako-syrienne.