BCIRABritish Cast Iron Research Association
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Core LOT was a function of binder level, BCIRA at both 1 hr and 24 hr core age was most strongly affected by sand, binder type and binder percentage.
Before testing began, the goal was to illustrate a correlation between the physical properties of the core (as measured by core weight, LOI, BCIRA and tensile strength) and erosion test results.
To illustrate the differences in cupola operations (then and now) Table 4 provides velocity data from the GM study and a BCIRA study in 1977.
8 Tuyere-injected O 400/122 Type of O addition BCIRA data Velocity (ft/sec/ m/sec) Uneriched air 38.
ACIPCO), Birmingham, Alabama, had been playing with ductile iron along with INCO and BCIRA, and filed for a patent in November 1948, unaware of INCO's five years of experience.
After INCO and BCIRA showed them how it could be done, the new iron was embraced by industry like no other material ever had before.
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Forty-four years ago, BCIRA made the first public disclosure of a procedure whereby flake graphite could be converted into spheroidal graphite in cast iron "through a process involving the treatment of low sulfur hypereutectic cast iron with cerium prior to casting.
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