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BCISBureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (US Department of Homeland Security)
BCISBangkok Christian International School (Bangkok, Thailand)
BCISBuilding Cost Information Service (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - UK)
BCISBusiness Computer Information Systems (University of North Texas)
BCISBiodiversity Conservation Information System
BCISBeijing City International School (Beijing, China)
BCISBritish Cardiovascular Intervention Society
BCISBreast Carcinoma in Situ (oncology)
BCISBattlefield Combat Identification System
BCISBreast Cancer Information Service
BCISBerkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard Law School)
BCISBerglund Center for Internet Studies (Pacific University, Oregon)
BCISBattle Command Information System
BCISBasic Computer Integration Skills
BCISBerkeley Center for the Information Society
BCISBasic Computer Information Systems
BCISBureau Central International de Séismologie (Strasbourg, France)
BCISBorder Customs Inspection Station
BCISBroker Company Information System (Netherlands)
BCISBachelor of Computer Information Science
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However, BCIs that use noninvasive external sensing, rather than brain implants, receive "dirtier" signals, leading to current lower resolution and less precise control.
However, BCIs that use noninvasive external sensing, rather than brain implants, receive 'dirtier' signals, leading to the current lower resolution and less precise control.
Los niveles de agrupamiento que se emplearon fueron: un primer analisis asumiendo a todas las localidades como un solo grupo jerarquico; en el segundo se asumio un grupo para las muestras recolectadas al suroeste de la desembocadura del rio Magdalena (CVIR, SFFC, CCAI, BCIS) contrastadas con las del noreste del rio (CGSM y SFFF); un tercer analisis asumiendo las muestras recolectadas al noreste del Golfo de Morrosquillo (CVIR, SFFC, CGSM y SFFF) versus las que pertenecen al golfo (CCAI y BCIS).
For many other BCIs, Hochberg says, the expectation is that the user and the research team will work together for days to weeks before the user can gain useful control of the BCI.
In addition, Michael Tennison and Jonathan Moreno in 2012 describe how a project within DARPA's Augmented Cognition Program that used noninvasive brain-computer interfaces "sought to find ways to use neurological information gathered from warfighters to modify their equipment." For example, BCIs would be utilized in a so-called "cognitive cockpit" that would aim to avoid information overload by adjusting the ways information is displayed and conveyed to the pilot.
Caption: Figure 1: Block diagram of sequential (a), simultaneous (b), and calibrated sequential (c) (proposed) hybrid BCIs.
The EEG-based BCIs could be fulfilled in diverse ways, which mainly include P300 Speller, sensorimotor rhythm (SMR), steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP), and slow cortical potential (SCP) [1-4].
He explained that the BCIS software requires computers to be equipped with cameras and finger scan device that all passengers lining up for immigration inspection must go through every time they travel in or out of the country.
According to BI Port Operations Division Chief Marc Red Marinas, the BCIS reported that they are also interconnected with the database of the Interpol and the Australian immigration department.
Morente said the BCIS is part of the BI's efforts to upgrade its capabilities to detect and thwart the entry of undesirable aliens into the Philippines.